A. An enrolment form needs to be returned in order for your child to attend the service. Please contact a member of the management team to enquire about permanent positions. If a permanent position is not available, please return a waitlist form to join our waitlist.

A: Casual bookings are taken one week in advance. Families can contact the centre on Monday at 7:15am to enroll for the following week. Cancellation of casual positions require 24 hour notice. Failure to do this will result in the casual fee being charged.

A: Families are required to notify the service if their child is going to be absent. Families are required to inform the centre by 2:45pm if their child will be absent in the afternoon. . If a family fails to notify the service of their child’s absence, management will follow the service’s Late Notification Fee schedule as outlined in the Randwick OOSH Fees Policy.

A: All people authorised to collect your child must be given to the centre in writing. Families can add additional people to their collection list on their enrolment form or at any later date. Staff will check photo ID upon collection of any new authorised contacts.

A: Please contact the service ASAP if you are running late to pick up your child. A late fee will be charged to your account according to the charges specified in the late fees section of the Randwick OOSH Fees Policy.

A: All permanent places require 2 weeks’ written notice for any cancellation of bookings. Notice must be given via email or in written form, to the OOSH office. Families cannot swap days. If you wish to apply for a new position, please contact the OOSH office for more information.


A: Statements are sent out fortnightly (01st and 16th of each month) via email. A hard copy can be requested from the management team.

A: All payments can be made by cheque or direct deposit. Please put your child’s name as a reference. Bank details can be found on the bottom of your statement.

A: Full fees apply for all permanent places when your child does not attend. Casual places can be cancelled without charge if 24 hours’ notice is given. Vacation care fees are paid in full upon booking places and are non-refundable.


A: We provide breakfast and afternoon tea during before and after school care and vacation care. Please note that lunch and morning tea are not provided during Vacation Care and families are required to pack their own, unless instructed otherwise on the program.

A: Please contact a member of the management team to discuss any concerns. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please refer to the Randwick OOSH Dealing with Complaints policy. All feedback is important to us and helps to ensure the highest level of care is provided to all our families.

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